Nestled in Paradise

5 bedroom tropical estates in Playa Breñas,
the heart of Puerto Rico's northern coast.

Starting at $5.5M


An Ecosystem of Luxury

Palma Nido is a new neighborhood in Vega Alta, Puerto Rico, offering five distinguished homes curated by world-class architects and designers. For families looking to make Puerto Rico their home, Palma Nido provides its residents with a refined tropical living experience that hosts grand open spaces and endless breathtaking amenities.

48 Unique Opportunities

The community was envisioned by a team of designers and builders who come from a wide range of places and backgrounds. The homes developed for Palma Nido serve modern families seeking to capture the benefits of remote work, community, and tropical living.

WEST MAIN STREETSOUTH STREETFIRST AVENUESECOND AVENUETHIRD AVENUETHIRD STREETNORTH STREETWellness CenterGuard HouseEvent LawnPlay LawnCourts223,000 SQ M. 0.741 Acres232,231 SQ M. 0.551 Acres242,231 SQ M. 0.551 Acres252,231 SQ M. 0.551 Acres262,231 SQ M. 0.551 Acres272,231 SQ M. 0.551 Acres282,236 SQ M. 0.553 Acres292,225 SQ M. 0.550 Acres302,231 SQ M. 0.551 Acres312,233 SQ M. 0.552 Acres322,128 SQ M. 0.526 Acres332,129 SQ M. 0.526 Acres342,090 SQ M. 0.516 Acres372,113 SQ M. 0.522 Acres362,119 SQ M. 0.524 Acres352,090 SQ M. 0.516 Acres382,122 SQ M. 0.524 Acres392,119 SQ M. 0.524 Acres402,118 SQ M. 0.523 Acres452,132 SQ M. 0.527 Acres442,119 SQ M. 0.524 Acres432,119 SQ M. 0.524 Acres422,120 SQ M. 0.524 Acres212,631 SQ M. 0.650 Acres202,603 SQ M. 0.643 Acres192,600 SQ M. 0.642 Acres182,814 SQ M. 0.695 Acres172,259 SQ M. 0.558 Acres162,246 SQ M. 0.555 Acres152,282 SQ M. 0.564 Acres142,300 SQ M. 0.568 Acres54,155 SQ M. 1.027 Acres44,072 SQ M. 1.006 Acres72,506 SQ M. 0.619 Acres82,412 SQ M. 0.596 Acres132,067 SQ M. 0.511 Acres122,108 SQ M. 0.521 Acres112,160 SQ M. 0.534 Acres34,051 SQ M. 1.001 Acres24, 108 SQ M. 1.015 Acres14,484 SQ M. 1.108 Acres64,538 SQ M. 1.121 Acres94,444 SQ M. 1.098 Acres102,373 SQ M. 0.586 Acres462,145 SQ M. 0.530 Acres412,666 SQ M. 0.659 Acres472,119 SQ M. 0.524 Acres482,538 SQ M. 0.627 Acres

The Estates

Areca is a modern, open-concept home perfect for families. The warm, tropical design features plenty of natural light, making it a comfortable place to live and play.


9475 sq. ft


5530 sq. ft

5 Bedrooms 5 Bathrooms 3 Half-Baths Office Suite Infinity Edge Pool
  • Front Exterior
  • Rear Exterior
  • Living Room
  • Kitchen
  • Master Bathroom
  • Master Bedroom
  • Master Wardrobe
Front Exterior
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The Beach Club

Stroll or ride your golf cart to our nearby beach club. Relax by the pool. Enjoy the beach. Frolic in the water. Host a party. Enjoy an incredible view. Coming 2026.

The Wellness Center

Our extensive and state of the art Fitness & Wellness Center serves to promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle for our residents. The Center hosts rooms dedicated to weights, cardio, yoga, pilates and more. It will also provide various fitness classes and wellness programs for our members to choose from. Everything from yoga and boxing to pilates and indoor cycling is on the schedule.

The Trails

For hiking or bicycling, it's tough to beat Cerro Gordo Senderos MTG. The trail is located within Parque Nacional Cerro Gordo along the coast. Bicyclists and hikers are immersed in the natural beauty that defines Puerto Rico, dense cliff side, palm tree forests.



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1000 C. Hogar el Paraiso
Playa Breñas, Vega Alta 00646
Francisco "Paco" Díaz Fournier
LIC. C-10507

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